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Name:Jimmy Olsen | jolsen @ tdp
Birthdate:Sep 17
Location:Metropolis, United States of America
Jimmy Olsen is your average, run of the mill geek, aka total dork, aka total spaz. He's a photojournalist for The Daily Planet, Metropolis' best and finest news source. He's often seen in the company of Lois Lane, Clark Kent, or Chloe Sullivan. Jimmy's best friend is his camera, and he's always wanting to do what's right, a fact his friends and his camera can attest to. He will fight for justice in every way he can. He's a fan of the Blur, later known as Superman, and he adores his friends, and will do whatever he can for them, whether they want him to or not. His life goal is to impress Perry White and Lois Lane with his hardcore skill. ;D

Most recently, unless you are an SV era character from seasons 6-8, Jimmy will be played (by default) as the Jimmy introduced in the Smallville season 10 finale, as the previous incarnation's little brother, explaining his being at the Planet with Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and the characters having no (direct) history outside of that.

Jimmy Olsen belongs to DC Comics, and this characterization is focused on Smallville (especially seasons 6-8), but his mun loves the character in general, so might dip into random comics and/or movies. Jimmy is over the age of 18, often in his early 20's. Mun is also over the age of 18.

Mun ships Jimmy with everyone. Open to PSL/Meme/Journals. Mun's favorite ships are Jimmy/Kara, Jimmy/Lois, and Jimmy/Clark. When she says everyone, she means it. Crossovers, especially with other DC (or Marvel) characters, are love. Please feel free to suggest something!

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